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We believe in making decisions based on three things…. Evidence-backed information/advice, personal experience and knowledge, and your own good judgment.

The person who has to live with the outcomes of career decisions is YOU and we believe that you are the best person to make those decisions. Not your boss, not your significant other, and not some voice from your past telling who you should or shouldn’t be… YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST.

To that end, our intention on Gabby Crusader is to provide content that you can understand easily and follow quickly. We don’t provide an extremely detailed set of reasons why something is a good thing to do. Instead, we point you to reputable sites that have already done so with more detail and more staff than we have. In addition to our “short and sweet” overviews, lists of steps, etc. that are based on the latest evidence-based research and recommendations, we also try to provide our “real world” experiences in the form of blog posts that express our personal learning on a topic. An example would be “XXXXXX”… On this page, you will find our short and sweet description of the steps to XXXXXX, we provide extra links to reputable sites that explain the details of evidence-based reasons why you should follow this list, and we’ve included a “XXXXXX” Blog to help you understand some of the things we look for personally. Somewhere in the midst of it all, we hope you find a bit a wisdom that helps you as you make decisions for your future.

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