Michelle’s Story

At 32, Michelle had discovered the secret to achieving peak performance, then a life-threatening condition took her only daughter and nearly killed her.  Learn More >>
For over 20 years, Michelle Kissman, the original Gabby Crusader, has dedicated her life to modeling the most successful people and organizations in the world. In the process, she discovered a simple, universal method underlying their peak performance.


Pregnant with her first daughter, a previously undiagnosed life-threatening condition caused her to go into labor early and her daughter was born prematurely. Diana Joelle Kissman lived for 3 hours and died in her parents arms. She altered their lives in ways they could never have imagined.


Five months later, at the end of her 1st trimester in a subsequent pregnancy, Michelle’s diagnosis was verified and she was put on bed rest for the next 6 months. With the help of an amazing friend, she managed to hold on to the pregnancy until her youngest child was born. Happy and healthy, they both began a new life.


Except Michelle continued to suffer numerous new medical issues including debilitating migraines, vertigo, and weight that just wouldn’t go away. At one point, she was 189 pounds on a 5 foot 3 frame. She was always tired.


Five years and many, many disappointing visits with doctors and specialists, Michelle turned 4O. Her father had died of a sudden heart just after turning 41. Watching the scales climbing again and looking in the mirror, she knew she had to do something. And then she had an epiphany… the models she’d been proving for peak performance in an organization…. Could be applied to her personal health. An organization is a group of people working as a single entity for a specific outcome… she and her care providers and her family and friends were a group of people working for a specific outcome… they just weren’t working as a single entity. Once she started to apply the model to her “personal healthcare system”, she discovered its power in measurably improving personal outcomes as well.


To date, Michelle has used the model to run her first half and full marathons, to complete her first screenplay, to place third in a regional Ms. Musclemania fitness competition at the age of 44 and to launch Swan Fleur Productions, LLC. You know Swan Fleur Productions as Gabby Crusader… a company born from Michelle’s personal mission to bring the power of that simple model to you.

That’s Michelle – the redhead in the purple suit on the right.